About Us

Mega Boxing, India’s first Professional Boxing Intellectual Property, is the brainchild of the founders Anirudh Pathak, Aditya Gulati, and Anirban Roy, with an aim to position professional boxing as a premium sporting entertainment entity.

Mission and Vision

Recognized by the World Boxing Organization (WBO), Mega Boxing brings ‘The Elimination Style of Boxing’, which is a different concept from the other boxing matches organized throughout the year. We identify the boxing talents across India and assist them towards becoming professional boxing superstars of tomorrow while meeting the international standards of professional boxing. Moreover, we believe in not just promoting boxing as a sport but also a major source of entertainment. Each fight night organized by us will be loaded with thrill, music, glamour, drama, technology, and lots of passion. Since our aim is to find the boxing superstars of tomorrow

The Fight Club

The Fight Club is the first step towards becoming the next biggest boxer in the country! Watch boxers with completely different diverse backgrounds, battling it out towards becoming the next big boxer!

Money Ball

Following The Fight Club, Money Ball is the second level of Mega Boxing. You will see more passion, harder competition, and a strong desire among the boxers to win the race.

The Big Game

Last but not least, The Big Game! The Big Game is the show stopper of Mega Boxing, this time. By the end of this level, India will have the Big Boxing Champion, set to fly around the globe.